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6 eBook Tools That I Can’t Live Without

June 25th, 2012 . by Peggy

Part of my job is to try all sort of things that help Authors. Here, I’ll show you six things that I’ve personally tried, and that are really helping me with various things related to online marketing and eBooks.

1) Evernote is great for;

– web-based research, saving web pages

– take a pic of a white board, it saves it as searchable text

– recording audio notes to myself (using the associated FREE Android app)

– my to-do lists and perhaps even dictation on the go

2) Smashwords is great for;

– reviewing an excellent style guide when formatting your eBook for almost any platform

– uploading an eBook to multiple platforms at once, excluding Kindle

3) is great for;

– quick podcasts using only my Android phone

– interviewing Authors and Experts with no prep or notice

– immediate, no editing, low-tech

– finding other 5-minute podcasts to listen to, both at home and on-the-go

4) MailChimp is great for;

– growing and managing my email list

– designing and sending out really nice-looking newsletters

– pay only as I need to and my list grows

5) MindMeister is great for;

– outlining before I write eBooks, white papers, audio products, and blog posts

– setting goals and outlining the tasks I need to complete to achieve them

– org charts, planning websites, and even illustrating processes to clients

6) Visual Thesaurus is great for;

– the obvious (an interactive thesaurus like no other)

– brainstorming domain names, eBook titles, products, and keywords

– try changing the settings and watch things fly around!

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Chris Garrett on Affiliate Marketing

December 12th, 2010 . by Peggy

I really like Chris Garret’s honest comments in this article about his experiences with affiliate marketing. While he talks about it more from the standpoint of running ads for someone else’s product, rather than having an affiliate program for your own products, he gives encouraging advice that mirrors my own.
Pay special attention to his remarks about mistakes that he made while starting up: as a product owner with your own affiliate program, you can use quality documentation (good written instructions) to make it easier for your affiliates, build their trust, and help them to avoid potholes.

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Using LinkedIn to Sell Books

December 9th, 2008 . by Peggy

Just found an interesting post on LinkedIn by a business author named Gary Unger, who has released his book “How to Be a Creative Genius in 5 Minutes or Less” in July 2008.

Click here to listen to Unger being interviewed by Stan Relihan on the Connections Show (from Australia) and how he explains the crazy-simple things he did to explode his market using LinkedIn.

On the advice of his publisher, Unger set himself up on LinkedIn with the express goal of promoting his book. In this 13 minute interview, Unger tells us that over half of the visitors on his website have come from LinkedIn and the group that he started. Within 1 month, he had several of his retail locations sell out of his book, and he had gathered over 600 connections.

Unger’s success is probably about the fact that he manages his cross-connections extremely well. He’s a true Renaissance author, in that his product offerings match his communications, he interracts with his group connections regularly, and he is very good at generally putting himself out there. What a good mentor for new self-publishing authors.

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